The Group has always remained loyal to its original core principle of eight singers, with two to each voice (S A T B), although naturally there have been personnel changes along the way, as group members have moved away from the area or moved on to other challenges.

We have been delighted to welcome two new members this year: soprano Hilary Ashton, and bass Richard Williams. They have replaced the Rees-Jones' who have migrated to Somerset.



Below are a few more snaps from the
Octameron album.


    • Sheila Hartley
    • Hilary Ashton
    • Julia Glossop
    • Sarah Glossop
    • Robin Knipe
    • Chris Weston
    • Richard Williams
    • Alan Suttie


      Brian Heaton
The new Line-Up - Octameron 2014


Everybody smiling on Mary Emmett's (nee Hartley) Wedding Day...


...and again with the happy couple!
'Antlers & Tinsel' - In preparation for Chipping Carol Concert Dec 2011


Harrogate August 2011 - Anthea's swansong and Vera's 'special' birthday


      Recording the first CD - Clapham 2006


Sorting out the fine detail prior to a performance


A Champagne Moment - at a 'Viennese Evening' - Clapham 2008


Taking the applause at an Xmas concert


The men practise a barbershop quartet